AFTER-WORD – Monday, November 29, 2004

  • For Ukraine, peace in our time. The New York Times opines that Ukraine just might take care of this mess herself, without assistance of the European Union or the United States.

    There are no assertions that the Bush Administration caused the problem when he declared war on Islam and bombed the Iraqis.

    It's something remarkable when we spot an inofficiously writ editorial from the Gray Drunk Lady.

  • Lucianne.com no like blogs. The web site's "editor-in-chief" has written some rules for posting articles on the site, and she mentioned the blogosphere: "Articles posted from web-logs or 'blogs' are not permitted and will be closed and deleted without further explanation." It's a "'legitimacy' thing," she assures.

    More often than not, we source our stuff, so I wonder if this girl would allow her posters to give us a hat tip if they were clued-in to the article from a "web-log or 'blog.'"

    Then again, should it matter?

  • That's enough attitude for a few evenings.

  • I'm listening to Dvorák's Symphony no. in B flat. I often find a composer's earlier symphs to be more telling than the later ones, and that goes for Dvorák, Brahms, Mahler, Bruckner, and Schumann, to name a few. But that's me, and I've yet to convince myself that it's relevant to much of anything.


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