• I heard the complaints from the liberal press about how the President has not offered a change at all, how he's bringing in people who will keep him doing what he's been doing for the last four years.

    This implies that there should be a dramatic change. The President did not promise one, and it is not for what we voted.

  • The President and JF Kerry each won two States by less that 1-percent of the total vote. For the President, they were Iowa and New Mexico (12 electoral votes total); for JF, New Hampshire and Wisconsin (14).

    Anyone want a recount?

  • Here's the Washington Post forecasting The End for conservative talk radio. It's been predicted before, but I dig this line:
    [Radio talker Laura] Ingraham has no existential dread of being a conservative talk host in an age of conservative dominance.
    At least they admit it, now would that it were true.

  • Tonight, it's Carl Friedrich Abel. He was a German who basically moved to London, like Handel before him. Which wouldn't be a bad idea now, just as he seemed to like it in the 18th century. By showing a willingness to work and prosper with the New World, methinks Britain deserves its spot in the New Europe. M. Chirac can bring Paris along too, provided he keeps his mouth shut.


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