• I agree with John McCain, and it seems obvious. A billion panels determined that there was something systemically wrong at the CIA, and the agency had declared war against the White House. The status quo would not do, so the President hired the man who was charged with keep and eye on the agency to run it.

    The House is being cleaned. They aging intelligence corps, the hotheads who are resistant to following instructions, can go somewhere and write scathing books. Tim Russert will talk to them, Dan Rather will talk about them, and they'll get their fifteen minutes.

    The President will get his intelligence.

    Remember, it was a Clinton guy who told our President that Iraq was a "slam dunk."

    Sweep it clean of eight years of stain.

  • Somebody, I dunno yet whom, has linked to this post from last April. I tipped the hat to Taegan Goddard and included a bit from a Deborah Schoeneman column in New York mag. Evidently, Condoleezza Rice was overheard at a party nearly referring to the President as her husband. Schoeneman said that a guest who heard this said that it "seemed more psychologically telling than incriminating." My reaction was: "At least they get along."

    Thanks for the link, for whatever your reason. If I can track you down in Technorati, I'll recip.

  • It's Beethoven tonight. A few sonatas, and as I type, it's his Violin Sonata no. 9 in A. It's good to touch base with him now and again.


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