AFTER-WORD – Friday, November 26, 2004

  • Where are the Dems going to find votes? USA Today suggests that they might look to the west, where they can attempt to convince voters that big government is good for some things.
    "If we don't expand our base and cling to our limited base of support, I don't know how we win a presidential election," [California Senator Diane] Feinstein said. "We have to build up the West."
    We'll hear such talk following a demoralizing election defeat, but this won't last. The Dems will get over their self-loathing and realize that they simply have to nominate a decent candidate next time in order to make more of a contest of it. Maybe John Edwards can relax and build a reputation in the next four years. Maybe folks will notice Tom Vilsack. Or maybe they'll give up and run Mondale again, or maybe Lautenberg (who has evidently been dead for several years already).

  • Note to Brian: You mentioned being a Penn State fan in a comment a few days ago. Are you, by any chance, an alumnus, or is your support an erstwhile regional thing?

  • It's Friday night, and we had thanksgiving again tonight, food-wise. I'm once again tired, but I probably deserve a second or third wind after this day. But I've moved that TTLB thing under the A-1 blogroll. I didn't have it on my page 'til someone advised me that I ought to put it here, and now it's here. No more distractions.

  • I'm listening to Orchestral Music from Notre Dame by a composer named Franz Schmidt. I bought the CD this year or last year because I heard one of his string quartets on the radio and the announcer said that he was a student of Anton Bruckner. It's quality stuff, but he's not a "A-list" composer. Now watch, his great-great-granddaughter will see this and argue that he was better than Erich Korngold. And I'm sure you'd all love to see that discussion. 



    While I am an Arizona State alum, and a current U of Mexico law student, I have been a Penn State fan for a long time, ever since I grew up in Philly. I loved guys like Tony Blackledge, Curt Warner, Kenny Jackson, Shane Conlon, etc. I've been to quite a few games at Beaver Stadium and other places.

    The first time I stepped into Sun Devil Stadium on the ASU campus, my first thought was, "This is where Penn State upset those loudmouths Vinny Testaverde, Jerome Brown (who I later leasrned to love as an Eagles fan) and the U of Miami to win the National Championship"

    No matter what, I will always love The Nittany Lions. No matter what.

    By Blogger Brian, at November 28, 2004 at 9:37 PM  

    By the way, so you know, I am Brian at Tomfoolery of the Highest Order.


    By Blogger Brian, at November 28, 2004 at 9:44 PM  

    Hi, Brian...

    "We are..." indeed!

    It's good to find another Nit fan. Etched in my mind are the announcers words towards the end of the '86 Fiesta Bowl: "Interception, Giftopolous! And the Nittany Lions are the 1986 National Champions!" Penn State, in the late '70s, helped put the Fiesta Bowl -- the game -- on the map.

    It really is a small world, in a lot of ways. -m

    By Blogger Mark Kilmer, at November 28, 2004 at 10:30 PM  

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