AFTER-WORD - Friday, 12 November

  • Someone is ripping off the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and it's not me. Seriously, $350,000 worth of checks were diverted from the DSCC to a private account. The FBI is checking it out.

    I'm waiting for some clever lefty to proclaim that chairman of the GOP committee George Allen siphoned off the funds, thus delivering the South Dakota race to John Thune. Perhaps the New York Times will draw us another goofy chart.

  • Scott Peterson was found guilty this (Friday) afternoon: of first degree murder for his wife, second degree for his unborn child. Maybe he'll pull an O.J. and vow to find the "real killer." Who knows?

    The nation now knows that Scott Peterson was convicted and will be punished for murdering his unborn child. Most of the nation wanted Scott Peterson to be convicted and punished for murdering his unborn child. Murdering an unborn child is criminal murder, and the nation can see it in real terms, with a real example. We are not taking words on paper, trimesters, tissue masses. This is the issue displayed in terms of babies and death.

    It is possible that Conner Peterson's horrible murder could play a part in one day having saved the lives of millions of unborn children like him.

  • I'm listening to Anton Bruckner's first symphony. I've heard it called "spunky," but I have trouble applying that term to this kind of music, except for a few of Poulenc's pieces and maybe some others.

    I'm more concerned right now that the first Spongebob Squarepants film will be released to theaters on my birthday this year. It's a long break with the Gettysburg Address, but I'll take what I can get in this slow 21st century.


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