• The French wire AFP carries a story with the headline: Bush makes Thanksgiving calls to war on terror soldiers.
    President George W. Bush made Thanksgiving Day calls to soldiers in Iraq and bases in the global war on terror as the Iraq conflict cast a growing shadow over the traditional turkey feast for tens of millions of Americans.
    That is a tacit admission from one representative of the French media that he conflict in Iraq is a part of the global war on terror.

    It doesn't mean much, but it is good to see.

  • And I forgot to wish a Happy Birthday to Barbara and Jenna Bush. They turned 23 on Thanksgiving.

    I wonder what Mo Dowd bought for them?

  • I also forgot to mention that one Wednesday, President Bush has won the popular vote in New Mexico by 5,988 votes, securing the State's 5 Electoral Votes. (Al Gore had won the State in 200 by 366 votes.)

    Governor Bill Richardson said in a statement that he'd try to make it fast next time.

  • Reuters has concocted that the President is not serious about overhauling federal intelligence, quoting a Democrat Congressional age and Representative Chris Shays (R-Connecticut), a Congressman whom some have dubbed a RINO.

    As I see it, the President is not spending his political capital to push the 9-11 Commission proposals, but he is serious about reforming intelligence. (Porter Goss springs first to mind.)

    Reuters wants it done their way.

  • I'm listening to Dmitri Shostakovich's From Jewish Folk Poetry. It is a song cycle incorporating elements of Jewish folk music. I'm warming to vocal work, and this one is a very good one. Three voices and a piano.

  • Do not let appearances fool you.


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