• Eric Lindholm (Viking Pundit) reports that last week, JF Kerry was able to double the number of days he has worked in the Senate this year, from four to eight days. His missed vote percentage dropped from 92% to 90%.

    WTG, JF! He's not resting on his laurels; rather, he seeks to take his mandate for action and become a Senate leader with MSM bona fides. (I think it would be kewl if he became the Dems' John McCain, but JF lacks the spine. And the notions.)

  • Columnist Bob Novak writes Monday about how the fear of God was placed in Snarlin' Arlen's heart before Bill First, at al., allowed him to become the next Senate Judiciary Committee chairman. Jeff Sessions of Alabama and John Cornyn of Texas were ready to blow Specter off before he begged in the form of a promise. (Sessions, if you'll recall, had his own nomination to the appellate court knifed by Specter a few years back.)

    Specter can remain chairman for six years, provided he behaves. (He is either not running for or will not be elected to another term from Pennsylvania.)

  • I'm listening to, for a change of pace, The Shores of Heaven, by Jeff Pearce. It's ethereal stuff, perhaps "new age." The song playing now is called Rain as a Metaphor, and it's not so much a song as a… sound event.

    Whatever. It's nifty chill music.


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