• Bob Novak on the next Secretary of State Treasury: Phil Gramm. Gramm, of course, is a supply-sider who digs balanced budgets.

  • I don't dig Alabama's rejection of language amending the State constitution to remove references to separate schools for "white and colored children" or to a poll tax. That should have been gone long ago, if for nothing else than for the sake of decency. But I do agree with an argument the Washington Post derides as "ridiculed by most of the state's newspapers and by legions of legal experts." The argument is that making public education a constititutional right makes it easier for the State to raise taxes to pay for it. Of course it does. A State can claim more justification to raising taxes to fund something which is a constitutional right than something which is not.

    That' is not an excuse for not removing the anachronistic and ugly references, though.


  • I am listening to a CD by a composer named David Diamond, his second symphony right now. It's good background stuff.

    My sister tells me that she has been listening to Country & Western music of late, which surprised me. She can name these people, like Toby Keith and Kurt Busch, or whomever. Which would be the equivalent of her remarking that I can name people like Sergei Prokofiev and Edouard Manet. There's one big difference, though: performer Keith and NASCAR driver Bush are alive, while composer Prokofiev and impressionist painter Manet are not.


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