• Arlen's in, but we knew that.
    "Nobody in the meeting was against Arlen," Hatch told reporters, with Specter at his side. "Senator Specter handled himself very well and frankly, I'm for him, as I should be."
    It would require an inter-caucus revolt to oust Specter, and that would be more devastating for the party than a Chairman Specter living in a box would be for the unborn.

    Specter's on notice; if he tries anything cute, he's in trouble. And he won't bolt the party over this, because he'd then be chairman of nothing for the rest of his term, stuck in a cranky minority which might suit his general demeanor, but wouldn't give him an adequate power trip.

  • When I say the "rest of [Specter's] term," I mean the full six years. There will be two Senatorial election years between now and when Specter's done, and the Dems are not going to come close to retaking the Senate between now and then.

  • Despite the President's electoral victory, it looks like Herbert Hoover is back in season. Yep.

    This AP story now has a paragraph which reads:
    Reid takes over a party with 44 seats in the new Congress, fewer than at any time since the Great Depression.
    Steven Taylor found it, though, before they had changed it:
    Reid, 64, takes command of a party that will have only 44 seats when the new Congress convenes in January, fewer than at any time since Herbert Hoover sat in the White House, according to records on the Senate’s Web site.
    Methinks the AP caught the Herbert Hoover reference and were embarrassed at turning a Dem barb on the Democrats themselves.

    [Addition HT, Erick Erickson, who had also read the story before it was amended.]

  • It looks like Lt. General Michael Hayden, the director of the National Security Agency, might become DCI Porter Goss's deputy at the CIA, leaving Jane Harman to look for something else about which to complain.

  • I'm listening to the end of Dmitri Shostakovich's score to the Soviet film New Babylon. It's considered by some to be Shostakovich's first clash with Stalinist ideological aesthetics.

    And one of my birthday gifts came a few days early: an Olympus Camedia C-765 UZ digital camera. I'll figure it out eventually, then I'll read the manual. (That's how I do things, for some reason.)

  • The pump is primed for a Chief Justice Clarence Thomas.


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