You can be an AP Headline

You too can become an AP headline, and you do not have to break the law. Tell the AP that you were a Bush supporter, got ticked about WMD, and now fancy JF Kerry because of his "refreshing" habit of telling the truth.

Wilma Tabisz, the dean of the graduate school of business at the University of Pittsburgh's secretary, got herself a 338 word story out of it.

She is angry that the President will not admit that, because Charles Deulfer indicated that Saddam Hussein possessed no WMD stockpiles at the time the invasion, he was wrong to go into Iraq. The strange thing is that speaking for the ticket this (Sunday) morning, Kerry's veep candidate, John Edwards, said it was not wrong to invade even absent WMD. They think only that it was wrong to invade without France and Germany, Russia and the PRC, with us.

It seems Kerry has not told her the truth.

There is a problem here. Kerry can be for the war in a way that makes him sound as if he had considered the matter seriously while at the same time having the anti-war crowd believe that he is against the war. In this way, the flip-flop strategy works with at least a few ignorant voters. (I am not faulting Ms. Tabisz for not knowing where Kerry stands on a given issue at a particular time. It's simple to lose track if you have other things on your mind than Kerry's stands on a given issue at a particular time.)



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