Whither Jesse Ventura (freak)?

What does it mean? Former Minnesota Governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura stood quietly in St. Paul next to former Maine Governor Angus King, and King told the world that Ventura supported JF Kerry's bid to become the 44th POTUS. King did all the talking, expressing Ventura's adamant support for JF. Ventura later said he'd do interviews in Los Angeles.

Last month, Ventura said said that he would not vote for Kerry because Kerry would raise taxes; he would not vote for Bush, he said, because he wanted medical experiments performed on human embryonic stem cells to find a cure for Alzheimer's: "It scares me when a president says he won't support stem cell research because it goes against God. I have news for you. If you're waiting for God to cure Alzheimer's, then we are going to be waiting a long time." (NOTE: The President funded experiments on the human embryonic stem cells, and his opposition to expanded research was based on the lives of the unborn, not on God.)



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