What is France's Excuse?

National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice told CNN's Wolfgang Blitzer on their Late Edition who this afternoon that the President was not ridiculing France when he singled them out as a nation to whom JF Kerry would apply to take pre-emptive action in defense of the United States: "There's no ridicule here. It's a statement of fact: The French didn't agree [that force was needed to bring Saddam Hussein into compliance with U.N. resolutions]."

The AP writer, in what is marked as a straight news story, opines:
France has been a U.S. ally since before the United States existed, aiding colonists in the Revolutionary War against Britain.
Do not buy this childish argument.

A minor point is that it is logically and physically impossible to be an ally of something before it exists.

The major point is that the French government which supported the colonists during our Revolution was overthrown in a senselessly bloody revolution which began only six years after our own revolution ended. France is currently ruled by its Fifth Republic since King Louis XVI was beheaded by an angry mob in 1793. It was this King Louis XVI who had sent troops in support of the American cause against the British in our own revolution some fifteen years before his execution. This French government did not support the Americans in our revolution. And there is no way, given its worldview, that it would have.



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