VEEP DEBATE NOTES: second half hour

  • Cheney: "I don't know where to start, there are so many inaccuracies in there."

  • Cheney pointed out that the coalition for the first Gulf War was not a lot larger: 34 then, 30 now. He's attacking Kerry for attacking Allawi.

  • Edwards insists that "we are at $200-billion, and counting" for the war.

  • Cheney hits him for ignoring the efforts of the Iraqs, "demeaning their sacrifice." Edwards interrupts and says he's not. Cheney emphasizes that he is. This is the kind of lecturing I wanted to see from the veep.

  • Edwards just accused the vice president, when accusing Edwards and Kerry of demeaning the Iraqi sacrifice, of trying to link Saddam and 9-11. Where is that coming from?

  • Cheney looks at a news story indicating that the CIA has said that they have not drawn a final conclusion on the relationship between Saddam and al Qaeda. He's discussing the mutant Zarqawi: "He was in Baghdad before the war, he's in Baghdad after the war."

  • Cheney mentioned working with "the Brits, the French, and the Germans" on Iran. He notes Qadhafi and Libya's capitulation.

  • Edwards said that Cheney had urged the US government to lift the sanctions against Iran, but that was when he was CDO of Halliburton. He's equated Halliburton and Enron. And they are under plenty investigations.

  • Cheney: They keep mention Halliburton as a "smokescreen." Look at Factcheck.org. But Edwards insists that Halliburton/Enron/Cheney should have had contract money deferred while they were under investigation.

  • Edwards is telling a personal story of Israelis being killed. "They have a right to defend themselves."

  • Cheney: "The reason they want to keep bringing up Halliburton is because they want to obscure their own record." He's attacking Edwards's Senate record. He said he presides over it as president of the Senate almost every week, but this is the first time he has ever met John Edwards.

  • Edward is attacking Kerry's Congressional record of voting against big government programs, a resolution releasing Nelson Mandela, etc.

  • Edwards is discussing the jobs lost while "the President has been in office." First Administration in 70 years which hasn't created job. He accused the Administration of "saying over and over again" that outsourcing is good. One member of the Administraiton said it once, as did former Secretary of the Treasury (Clinton) Robert Rubin.

  • Edwards: raise taxes on people making over $200,000, cut taxes on people who earn less than that, cut "bureaucratic spending" – how to balance the budget and pay for Kerry's new spending programs.

  • Cheney cites Kerry's Senate record of raising taxes. And how the Kerry plan would tax small businesses which file under individual rates.

  • Edwards says they are prepared to cut back anything in their economic program "to get it back to fiscal responsibility." Meaning that it is not fiscally responsible and will have to be changed, which means some of the promises are meaningless.

  • Cheney said people should be free to choose whatever 'arrangement' they want. He questions if the federal government should sanction such arrangements: it's traditionally up to the States, where he believes it belongs. But Cheney supports the President because he "sets the policy for this Administration."


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