Uncle Eddy on ABC's This Week

Host George Stephanopoulos said that he wanted to talk about the three largest of the swing States this week; he had the President's brother on to discuss Florida and he promised to have a panel of sorts to discuss Illinois. To talk about the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, he had Governor Ed Rendell.

Asked about the polls which show a growing Bush lead after the debates, Ed said that they were wrong. "No phone numbers for newly registered voters," he explained. There were scads of them in Philadelphia, he assured. (Let us poll Philly, then.)

Steph posited that Kerry had lost his upward momentum, which is what I said after RealClear Politics posted the Newsweek poll yesterday, showing Bush up by six. Steph decided that the loss of momentum was because of Kerry's "Mary Cheney comment." Ed brushed him off, saying that voters do not decide based on such things.

Ed explained that Kerry "was trying to put a human face" on the issue of being born homosexual.

As he had asked Jeb Bush what was Kerry's biggest strength in Florida (Democrat base), he asked Eddy what was President Bush's biggest strength in Pennsylvania. He answered that it was the middle of the State, which is a truism of Pennsylvania politics. (We often call it the conservative "T," including the northern tier and the counties separated from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.) Eddy then claimed that "central Pennsylvania was rated the number one Republican area in the country." (He did not cite a survey or study, and it is not true.)

Eddy added that if Kerry does well in the Philly suburbs, there are enough votes there to overwhelm what Bush might get elsewhere. (He did not mention the exburbs, though he might have lumped them with the suburbs.)

He repeated the Kerry pledge to renege on his campaign pledges if he cannot afford them.

Steph asked Ed if the Catholic bishops and priests could affect the vote away from Kerry. Ed said NO, because the Catholics had ganged up on him to no avail.

Steph told Ed that President Bush had promised to heal the wounds and unite the country when he's reelected. Ed responded: "Well, I hope so." Then he complained for a while.



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