Tonight's Debate

JF Kerry comes loaded to tonight's debate. He has the Deulfer report -- no weapons -- and the Bremer quote -- not enough troops.

What does Bush have on the Duelfer report? It had a conclusion much larger than the one Kerry will use, but it requires some conceptual level thinking, something of which Kerry has repeatedly proven suprisingly incapable.

Read this Washington Times editorial regarding the Duelfer report. Saddam had used Oil for Food to purchase the nations Kerry has considered to be our strongest allies in order to have the circumvent and attempt to lift the sanctions. Kerry has said he would have maintained the sanctions, which would have made him, like the President, a "go-it-alone cowboy."

Kerry has no argument, and he has to be hit hard with this.

On Bremer's testimony, he has Bremer's own words. See the post below.

I feel good going into tonight, but I very much hope the President does as well.



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