Tonight's Debate in Tempe

JF Kerry's aides tell us that the numbers are on their boy's side, so he will spew them at this evening's debate. State are easy to invent and difficult to refute in an instant, so that gives him an edge. That is, if people want to hear about numbers. Kerry's 99-billion unemployed reference will be competing with A-Rod's Batting Average and Pedro's E.R.A. on this October night, midweek.

Thus Kerry could come out of this looking a little like his buddy Al Gore.

The best counter for Gore is the George W. Bush we saw in the debates four years ago or last Friday. To wit, the President in Phoenix, Tuesday:
"I'm looking forward to tomorrow night," he told his supporters Tuesday at a Republican National Committee fund-raiser in Phoenix.

"It's a chance to point out major differences. … It's going to be a lot of fun."
[Insert Kerry joke here.]

In the meantime, Major Jim Manion, U.S. Army Reserves, (retired) posits in a piece this afternoon that:
"Men in the United States are indeed from Mars….

Kerry is not from Mars. He is from Paris.
In the meantime, Clay Thompson, writing of recently discovered meteorites in the Arizona Republic, offers this:
How do they know it came from Mars? Well, don't forget that in the 1970s, when I was still but a lad, we sent two Viking spacecraft up there, and they poked around and analyzed the chemicals in the rocks and the gases trapped inside them. And these rocks from Antarctica don't look anything like Earth rocks, but look pretty much exactly like what the Viking probes found on Mars. So they're from Mars. Scientists said so.
Poke around in Kerry's composition and analyze it. It's pretty much Soufflé au Fromage.

I'll be putting up my Debate Notes every half hour this evening.



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