Support for the President

  • A University of Pennsylvania Annenberg National Election Survey purports to show us that 69-percent of the military population (soldiers and their families) support President Bush, with 29-percent putting themselves in the JF Kerry camp.

    This shows some hollowness to JF's rhetoric concerning back-door-draft, stretched-too-thin, wrong-war-wrong-place-etc.

  • In a Friday press release from the Fraternal Order of Police, the president of this largest police labor organization said:
    "As the elected leader of the largest organization representing America's Federal, State and local law enforcement officers, I believe it's important to point out yet again that we do not support his [JF Kerry's] candidacy for President," Canterbury said. "And to be perfectly frank, the groups which do support him actually share the same membership rolls and, taken together, probably comprise less than one-quarter of our nation's police officers."

    Canterbury further noted that unlike the organizations which Senator Kerry touts, F.O.P. members as a whole decided that the Fraternal Order of Police would endorse the reelection of President George W. Bush. They based their decision, he said, on the record of the Bush Administration in supporting America's first responders-including helping to secure passage earlier this year of H.R. 218, the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act, the organization's top legislative priority. Bush also successfully fought to greatly enhance the benefits for the families of officers killed in the line of duty.
    Canterbury noted: "The real majority of my fellow officers are standing behind President Bush, because he has been there for us."

    Whilst campaigning, Canterbury said, JF has been marking "misleading statements regarding his support from the law enforcement community."


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