Stolen Honor: Wounds that Never Heal

I downloaded the vid via Rob Port's Say Anything blog. The 40-minute documentary is just that: a documentary. There are no Michael Moore recreations and funky camera shots. Kate O'Beirne wrote athoughtful piece on the documentary for NRO last month with a very good play-by-play description of the documentary.

Yes, it is an actual documentary. Several Prisoners of War describe the specific tortures inflicted by the North Vietnamese government – I didn't hear them called "V.C." – then they talk about Tom Hayden, Jane Fonda, and most importantly, JF Kerry and the effects of the words of this "Navy lieutenant." He betrayed a lot of good men and he has been rewarded for it his entire life.

I took a step back. What if I had learned these things about President Bush? I could probably accept that it was a controversial war and he should be cut some slack for his wild misstatements as a youth, but I would not vote for him.

I doubt this will change a vote, and I doubt Sinclair airing the full vid on all stations would have affected the election, but those men deserve to be heard. They also deserve an apology from JF, but the same dark forces which enabled him to say those things in the first place prevent him from even the appearance of contrition.

Of all things, though, it is a documentary. It uses the visual medium of film to document facts. There is very little in this documentary which can be countered, even by the fiercest ABB fanatic; dismissed, if that's what they can do, but not disputed.

Mark Noonan at Blogs for Bush looks at the emotions stirred by the documentary and the larger picture.



"Stolen Honor" can be watched in its entirety at www.stolenhonor.com for free.
FYI. Joe Breeden, Overland Park, Kansas

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