State Senator Fumo lights up the room

Pennsylvania State Senator Vince Fumo, a Philadelphia Democrat didn't get his way Wednesday night on a matter of debate on amendments to a gambling bill, so he screamed that State Senate Pro-Tem Bob Jubelirer and Majority Leader David Brightbill, both Republicans, was a "faggot." Eyewitnesses say that Fumo repeated the epithet, shrieking it at least four times.
"That tirade and his homophobic remarks were one of the really dark days for the Senate. It tarnishes the whole institution," Jubelirer said yesterday in an interview. "It's just unfortunate that he would stoop to that level."
Fumo apologized to gays and said that he should have called the Senators "girlie men."

From the Philadelphia Enquirer:
"The use of the word came with such force and invective behind it that it almost sounded like someone yelling at a football stadium," said Ray Smith, a reporter for the Radio Pennsylvania Network, who was in the chamber at the time.

The words were so out of place that Smith looked around the chamber to gauge the reaction of senators. Many appeared shocked, he said.
As for Jubie, as Senator Jubelirer is affectionately known, he's been married about a dozen times and he opposes gambling, for what that's worth. He's a talented lawmaker and a good Pennsylvania Republican. Fumo is from the same school as Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell -- go to one of their rallies wearing a Bush/Cheney T-shirt, chances are you'll get your face split.



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