Stand Up. Be counted.

According to their press release, “[t]he Association of State Democratic Chairs (ASDC) today launched a new online effort to take a head count of Kerry supporters in advance of the November 2 election. The new website, www.beatingbush.com, asks people who want to see Bush defeated to ‘Stand Up and Be Counted.’”

They say it’s to do a pre-count of Kerry voters so that they can “be prepared” for “another Florida.” They also ask for money.

A check of their web site at BeatingBush.com shows us that so far this week, they have signed-up 7,132 subscribers. To reach this week’s goal, they need only 7,868 more subscriber’s by week’s end.

I am not endorsing this; rather, I’m trying to type these words with a straight face. Seriously, I’m interested in any grassroots use of the Internet for political purposes.

Do you know of anything I might have missed in my Mozilla meanderings?



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