Senator Gone

When Dick Cheney said, Tuesday night, that John Edwards's "hometown paper" had labeled him "Senator Gone," he was referring to a small paper which publishes thrice weekly from northern North Carolina, where Edwards grew up, called The Pilot.

On their web site today The Pilot reran the editorial from June 24, 2003.
During his 30 years in Washington, Jesse Helms was known as Senator No. Four and a half years into his first term, John Edwards is becoming known as Senator Gone.

That's because Edwards, North Carolina's senior senator, has developed a habit of missing floor votes while on the campaign trail in pursuit of the Democratic presidential nomination. He missed every vote last week, and since the beginning of June, he has cast 14 votes while missing 16.
This "NOT VOTING" syndrome, it seems, has been a long term problem for the Senator.



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