Rumors of a Big Kerry Story

On Power Line this morning, they said they were waiting for a big story Monday AM headlining a major daily. It "relates to a foreign policy issue, and it will call into question--amazingly enough--John Kerry's truthfulness."

It's evidently going to be a Washington Times piece, and the buzz is at Red State, INDC Journal, Blogs for Bush, and even Daily Kos has his little thaang.

I wish I'd have started this rumor.

Erick Erickson relates that the Red Staters were approached by a "dedicated journalist who was willing to work with the blogosphere."

I'd like to think this story has something to do with the scads of foreign leaders from whom JF has claimed to have received private endorsements, but they paper cannot find something to prove a negative, short of a Chirac endorsement of Bush which is not in the cards.

Whatever it is, what is the worst possible outcome for JF's campaign? He has escaped from the truth in the past, call it nuance. The A.B.B. dead-enders are going to cling to him as their last hope to avenge Al Gore and rid the world of a potential Republican "Great President." Members of the MSM, as "individuals," have bought into a group-think line, so they are probably not going anywhere. At worst, it pushes things far enough to give us a landslide without the other pieces falling into place.

If it's anything. (I'd like to know too.)



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