Ralph, Skulls, and Bones

With three weeks left in the Presidential campaign, Ralph is moving his effort to the final frontier, where no consumer advocate has gone before.

From The Buzz on the Kansas City Star's web site:
Ralph Nader campaigned at Yale in front of the building that houses Skull and Bones, the secret society whose members reportedly included Bush and Kerry.

He said they need to answer questions regarding their ties to the group. Nader claimed that Bush has appointed to public office 10 members or former members of Skull and Bones: “We're dealing here with members of a secret society who presumably prefer each other in terms of advancing each other, recommending each other, appointing each other to public positions and enhancing each other's business deals.”
The CFR, Bildegbergers, and the Tri-Lats might blow a gasket on this one. They have dibs, or so we're told.



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