The President's National Guard Records

As we near the election without the release of JF Kerry's complete Navy records, we're left with a lot of questions. One is: Was his honorable discharge held until after President Carter declared an amnesty, thus letting him off the hook for having protested the war and met with the enemy while still technically in uniform? We'll probably never know.

AP has uncovered some new Bush docs, which prove, they say, that he was not a deserter and not A.W.O.L. They're left with scads of questions, they tell us, including:
Why did Bush's commanders apparently tolerate his lapses in training and approve his honorable discharge?
But wait. These are not new documents. These are the same docs being mentioned again.

Kerry refuses to sign a Form 180, which would allow the release of all his documents. And why doesn't he release the minutes of his V.C. meetings? What about the certificates he received with the medals of which he disposed?

They are curious as to why the President received an honorable discharge when we don't even know how they discharged Kerry when his term was up.



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