"President Silent About Missing Explosives"

That's what JF Kerry says. The world's at danger, incompetence, silence, alien beings to land on Earth any day now.

The New York Times story has been duly refuted, shown to be a false campaign commercial, a lie on behalf of a crawling candidacy. But as Kerry pulls whatever he can from his nethermost cavity, his chief foreign policy advisor, Dick Holbrooke, says he doesn't know.

Bill Kristol writes:
[T]he Kerry campaign admits that the information that is the basis of Senator Kerry's statements and his campaign advertisement may not even be true. Pressed on Tuesday afternoon about the accuracy of the allegations on Fox's Big Story with John Gibson, Richard Holbrooke, a senior adviser to the Kerry campaign, said: "You don't know the truth and I don't know the truth." He later underscored this point: "I don't know the truth."
But JF talks as if he does, as if the President's incompetence is killing U.S. soldiers.

What of it? It speaks miles about the state of the race in the minds of the two candidates. Kerry's campaigning on what he knows to be a lie, while President Bush going positive with a new ad: Whatever it Takes.



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