President at Breakfast

Saturday morning, post-debate, the President spoke at the Missourians for Matt Blunt and the Missouri Republican Party Breakfast [transcript].
Much as he tried to obscure it, on issue after issue, my opponent showed why he's earned the ranking, the most liberal member of the United States Senate. (Applause.) And several of the statements just don't pass the credibility test. With a straight face, he said, "I've only had one position on Iraq." He must think we've been on another planet. (Laughter.) In the spring of 2003, as I ordered the invasion of Iraq, Senator Kerry said, it was the right decision. Now he says it's the wrong war. And he tries to tell us he's had only one position. Who is he trying to kid? He can run, but he cannot hide.
But he does remind us that he's no Ronald Reagan.
Yes, we've increased spending at the federal level….
To be sure, he was talking about education spending, but the same applies throughout.

When some say that conservatives are uneasy about voting for President Bush, I can speak for myself. I am very uneasy about some of the things he and Congress are doing with the federal government, but I am not in the least uncomfortable with having to vote for him. We are clearly winning the war, steady as she goes, and I don't want to retreat and have a President tell the French government that they were correct. Telling them that they were correct about Iraq is tantamount to telling Saddam Hussein that he was right, since the French were, to a very real extent, paid to tout Saddam's line.



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