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  • On last Sunday's This Week on ABC, host George Stephanopoulos asked Senator Joe Biden (D-Delaware) if he would serve as President Bush's Secretary of State in a second term. Biden said yes. According to the Times of London, however, JF Kerry has asked Biden if he would serve in a Kerry Presidency.

    The paper also lambastes Biden for lifting a speech word-for-word from then-British Prime Minister Neil Kinnock during his abortive 1988 run for the Dem Presidential nomination.

    Dick Holbrooke then would go to a special Middle East post, says the paper.

    Biden is not a team player and has publicly hinted that Kerry hasn't a clue in matters of foreign policy.

  • Today's Reuters-Zogby three-day has the President and JF tied at 47. Kerry's doing better among women but losing slightly with blacks. Conventional wisdom says that Kerry must do a lot better than the poll's 82-percent amongst blacks.

  • JF's saying it again: "Halliburton."


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