Good morning.

  • This election has suddenly seemed to become even more important than it was before recent events. The Chief's cancer, the bin Laden vid, and the vid from the "Rivers of Blood" guy seem to be raising the stakes.

    They haven't. Chief Justice Rehnquist's illness has put an exclamation point behind what we already knew: octogenarians do not live forever. The "Rivers of Blood" guy is probably a punk talking trash, more at home in an Emminem vid than in the caves of Pakistan or Afghanistan. Bin Laden looked pathetic, and it might be worth mounting a major offensive just to get rid of that loathsome person once and for all. It won't affect the war on terror, though.

    If anything, the vids help the President. Most American voters do not want to be seen as part of a giant, European wuss, scurrying behind the counter when we the terrorist talk or act trash. Kerry's plan to combat terror, if such it can be called, is singularly unimaginative and ineffective. "Hunt 'em down and kill 'em" is yesterday's solution to last week's problems, and the American people know this.

  • A new Zogby poll, published in South Dakota's Rapid City Journal, has given challenger John Thune a three-point lead of incumbent Tom Daschle, forcing Daschle to use John Corzine's Senate Democratic Campaign Committee) money and bus in scads of outside attorneys to litigate his fate.

    The Daschle boyz counter that the poll sucks – showing even Larry Diedrich to be leading a comely Stephanie Herseth in the State's House race – and busing the lawyers and lobbyists into town is standard procedure.

    Reuter's thinks it's too close to call.


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