Good morning.
  • Is the Washington Post now hoping for an electoral tie? They do mention a tie in which that renegade West Virginia GOP delegate votes for Kerry, but anyone who has followed what is said in this space knows that the delegate in question, Richie Robb has said he would vote for a Republican other than President Bush, thus he would not take JF Kerry to the 270 he needs.

    If a candidate does not get 270, it goes to the House. If any liberal Republican Representative were to do the unthinkable and vote for JF, he would not only be expelled from the caucus, but the Republicans – in the majority – would find a way to have him removed from the House altogether. (At least they would try.)

  • The Washington Post reports that Arkansas, Hawaii, and West Virginia – two Red States, one Blue – are "back on the table." I, Viking Pundit, and others have been speaking of Hawaii for a while now; Arkansas, they call it the "Clinton Factor"; and West Virginia is a Democrat State which must love Kerry's sudden, newfound adoration for coal.

  • This Miami Herald headline, over an AP story, speaks miles about the state of the two campaigns: "Kerry Cites 'Big Mess,' Bush Goes Upbeat." A positive commercial from the Bushies indicates that they believe they are going to win, and that it won't be as close as some sweat.


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