Good morning.
  • The New York Times has Republicans ready to challenge the qualifications of voters in Ohio in an effort to keep the new Dem "voter registration" honest. "No, Mickey, you may not vote. I'm serious, Mr. Mouse."

    In his 1971 confirmation hearings, and during his hearings to be chief in '86. Chief Justice William Rehnquist was grilled about voter challenges in which he was alleged to have participated in Arizona before coming to the bench. He was charged with racism, and we can probably expect the same from Dems this year. Most illegal aliens which the Dems could attempt to register would fall into a "minority" category.

  • Here's the Reuters/Zogby 3-Day again giving the President a two point lead over JF Kerry. Here's where we're supposed to say: "But this race will go down to the wire, Dan." To be true, we do not know that it will go down to the wire. We do not know if it will saunter down to the bar, or if the pub will even be open. (In Pennsylvania, they at least used to close the bars while voting was ongoing; the theory was that various partisans would buy drinks for various lushes and have them stagger into the booth and vote for the candidate on whom they had been running their tab.)

    I promise I will make predictions, but that's only to make an arse of myself. Offhand, I think California will be within ten points, and I don't think the President will take Oregon. But I do hope to do some more research and be able to call Hawaii for the President.

  • It looks as if measures to create new positions, re-budget money, and move people around in an effort to improve the intelligence services for the post-cold war world will be, although a decade late, also a dollar short. No one seems to think the reforms will be done by the election, a date set as magic for no real reason.

    From both sides, it's politics in a political season. It is not so urgent a problem that it cannot wait until after the lawyers have allowed a President officially to be elected and cooler heads can run the show.


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