Good morning.

  • Much attention is being give a report that Bill Clinton wants to run the U.N. (Erick Erickson makes a pretty good argument that this won't happen.) I was reporting this Clinton desire, in my Rightsided Newsletter, back in early 1999, after the Senate forgave him his perjury and obstruction.

    I still think it’s a joke, though anything is I suppose possible. It won't happen primarily because France would not allow it. The French foreign policy is committed to putting a check on the American "hyperpower," and a former U.S. President as U.N. Sec Gen is antithetical to every fiber of the French being.

  • The Washington Post tells us that Ralph's campaign – as he refers in Florida to the Bush-Kerry choice as one between "heart disease and cancer" – is near death. One supporter says this is 'cos his voters are "so afraid of Bush."

  • Today's Reuter's/Zogby 3-day has the President up by 2 points, 47-45. Yesterday was 46-45. The pollster, John Zogby, points out that neither candidate has been able to top 48-percent since this polling began on October 7.

  • Here's the Boston Globe reporting that the President is taking it easy on the campaign trail. They also question why he is spending more time in Kerry's Pennsylvania than in Ohio. (Methinks Karl Rove knows something those clowns don't.)


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