Good morning.
  • The New York Times this morning offers us a portrait of an entirely inept Central Intelligence Agency which provided information misleading even our military commanders. Down to the CIA wishing to import tiny American flags for the grateful Iraqis to wave in a giant photo op.

    It is the Times, so I cannot vouch for the story's credibility, and there really isn't that much knew and/or surprising in it, but at first glance, the piece serves both to undermine the argument that the war was just and to refute to the "Bush lied" canard.

    (I have not finished the thing.)

  • Sinclair Broadcasting will not air the documentary about the affects of Kerry's 1971 Senate testimony on the American Prisoners of War in Vietnam. Instead, they will air their own report including some footage from the Stolen Honor documentary.

  • Baseball. My wife, also a Yankees fan, tells me: "Alexander Rodriguez ought to know the rules by now." Barring an incredible reversal of fortunes tonight, I am not going to mention this hopefully until pitchers and catchers report in February.

  • That being said, a dear old friend with whom I haven't communicated in years wrote me this morning to taunt me and let me know: "I won't even comment on the class (or lack thereof) of the New York fans." Yeah, well blamed David bleepin' Ortiz.

  • Now Michael Moore is going to have to make a crackpot movie "exposing" the Yankees for their deleterious effect on America's past time. Never mind that MLB could not survive without them.


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