Good morning.

  • The Washington Post allows this morning that Kerry has "lurched from course to course, periodically switching drivers and road maps -- and messages -- as he reacts to more and more information and advice" on the campaign trail. They do not say it, but this means that he has no solid internal guidance. However, they boast, he was a really good manager as the Massachusetts district attorney 25-years-ago.

  • Senator Mark Dayton (D-Minnesota) has shut down his DC offices in the Russell Senate Office Building and sent his staff back home until after the election. He said that new evidence has convinced him that they all will be killed by terrorists. DC delegate Eleanor Holmes-Norton (D) tells her constituents that no such evidence exists. Representative Peter King (R-New York) told Newsday that Dayton is either "paranoid or he just wants his people back home working the election." (Dayton does not face reelection 'til 2006, but perhaps Kerry needs people in that State.)

    Dayton could also be insane.

  • FOX News reported yesterday that the Kerry campaign had become almost cocky going into this evenings debate, not bothering to go through the usual motions of diminishing expectations. FNC's Carl Cameron reports that this is due to Kerry's perceived strength amongst voters on domestic issues, the focus of tonight's debate. The Kerry campaign, pushing the notion that their boy has won the first two debates, boasted that no candidate has lost all debates and gone on to win the Presidency.

    This evening could also be a chance for President Bush to put focus on all the bazillions of dollars he's spent on domestic programs. Bush's Great Society has been pushed to the background as attention is directed at this service as a wartime President.

    The President can also point to his tax cuts and his free market policies.


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