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  • The Sinclair Broadcasting Group – with 62 stations -- plans to air as news a documentary, Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal, detailing the ways in which JF Kerry's 1972 "reminiscent of Genghis Khan" testimony before the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee was used by the North Vietnamese against American Prisoners of War. If it weren't classified as a news program, it would be subject to the "equal time" ordinances of the FCC.

    Sinclair is the company which objected when Ted Koppel used his Nightline program for political purposes by listing the names of those killed in Iraq.

  • JF Kerry is fond of telling the world that his candidacy is supported by Air Force General Tony McPeak and a few others. General Tommy Franks disagrees, telling an audience in Reno recently:
    "The choice is very, very clear. We need decisive, strong, no-backing-down and no-equivocating leadership," he said.

    Franks praised the Democratic challenger's military service during the Vietnam War, but said Kerry's later anti-war activities upset him.

    "The men I served with in Vietnam weren't war criminals and I'm proud I served with them," Franks said.
    Kerry spokesperson Sean Smith called General Franks a liar who "reads Karl Rove's talking points very well."

  • The President's aides deny that the President had a little box inside his suit jacket for receiving wireless communications during the first Presidential debate. This story has been seen scattered throughout the mainstream media, though the MSM are blaming the "Internet" and "blogs" for keeping it alive.

    I'm reporting only their fascination.


    ScrappleFace Has The Scoop:

    A forensic scientist studying photographic evidence has identified an object which caused a bump on the back of a suit jacket worn by President George Bush during his first debate with John Forbes Kerry.

    "It's a spine," said the unnamed scientist. "The president's backbone, in a sense, was showing during his debate with Mr. Kerry."

    Similar images of Mr. Kerry showed "no comparable spinal features."

    When asked about the new evidence, Mr. Kerry said, "I had a spine when I defended this country as a young man, and I will have one again when I defend her as president of the United States."

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