Good morning.
  • "This is the greats thing to happen in Boston since… I don't know… since the Boston Tea Party!" – Bostonian on the streets last night after the Sox humiliated the Yankees in more than one way.

    What of the triumphant hometown boy receiving his party's Presidential nomination after having served in Vietnam? Oh, we all have our priorities.

  • The ongoing Reuters/Zogby three-day puts the President up by one. They say that it's similar to the back-and-forth between Bush and Al Gore. back in 2000, prompting pollster John Zogby to say: "As we've said all along, 2004 is playing out as close as 2000."

  • JF Kerry, who has probably never gone on an actual hunt in his life, is "going goose hunting," probably as I type, in Ohio. A political stunt.

    The NRA has taken out a full page ad in the Youngstown paper claiming that Kerry is a gun-grabber who is playing sportsman for campaign purposes.


    FYI: if you're interested, here's the article from the Youngstown (OH) Newspaper--The Vindicator: http://www.vindy.com/featured/281729931457887.php

    And speaking of Youngstown, it's an old manufacturing (read as Union) town, but suprisingly, or should I say shockingly, the Mayor, a Dem has come out in support of Bush

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