Good morning.

  • The United States Senate has rejected the recommendations of the 9-11 Commission and voted, 79-6, to go their own way; they've created a new Homeland Security Committee, a new subcommittee under Appropriations, and strengthened the Intelligence Committee.

    Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) mouthed off, calling the changes meaningless.

  • The New York Times and Congressional Democrats assert that House Majority Tom DeLay (R-Texas) could become an issue in this November's Congressional elections, what with his recent wrist-slaps.

    I doubt it. There is a chance it could affect a few individual close races in left-leaning districts, but there is not time for the individual Dem candidates to get anything going.

  • The Los Angeles Times' Ron Brownstein tells us that Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs, MTV, professional wrestling, and the fictional character Lara Croft are energizing the youth vote this year, and that it looks to be pretty much an even split.


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