Good morning.

  • From a Friday Washington Post editorial:
    Last week Mr. Kerry reiterated a narrow view, describing Iraq as a diversion from "the real war on terror in Afghanistan against Osama bin Laden." If Mr. Kerry means by this that the Bush administration shifted too many resources too quickly out of Afghanistan, that's a reasonable argument. But surely capturing Osama bin Laden and routing the remaining al Qaeda leadership would not be the end of Islamic terrorism. What, then, does Mr. Kerry think the "war on terror" means, and how best can it be fought?
    To JF Kerry, OBL is only a bogeyman for a sound bite.

  • Citing "members of both parties," the New York Times reports this morning that House Majority Leader Tom DeLay "could have difficulty retaining his leadership job if his party loses seats in next month's elections." The Republicans they quote imply the opposite.

  • The "Internet Spyware Prevention Act" passed the House 415-0 Thursday giving the Justice Department $10-million to catch the spyware installers. On Wednesday, they passed the Spy Act, 399-1. It penalizes those who dispense spyware.

    When I purchased my HP a year ago April, it came loaded with spyware. These acts, though, appear to apply only to spyware which is used to break another Federal statute. I'm more concerned with the type which broadcasts your surfing habits and e-mail address.

    The House promises to combine the two bills into a single piece of legislation later.

    Who cares? I run both Ad-Aware and Spybot – Search and Destroy every few weeks. It's free software with free updates that catches most of the garbage.


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