Good morning.

  • The House Ethics Committee has again ruled against Major Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas), admonishing the Hammer for the appearance of doling legislative favors for cash and using the Federal Aviation Administration to chase down a political enemy's private plane during the Dem's failed redistricting tantrum.

    His leadership is not in jeopardy.

  • The CIA reports that Saddam Hussein had rid himself of WMD in the early '90s. Both Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush used WMD and the failure of Saddam to comply with U.N. resolutions as justifications for attacking Iraq. The report said Saddam played games with the U.N. inspectors and the world, not revealing that he had disarmed, because he wanted Iran to think that he was a tough guy.

    The report is based largely on what Saddam has told interrogators since his capture last December. Does anyone else see a credibility gap here? He seems as defiant as ever, and he'd be willing to lie to anyone if it made him look good and his enemies bad.

  • The Yankees win! It took 12 innings and a comeback to do it, but the Yankees evened their series with the Twins at one game apiece. Hidecki Matsui's sacrifice fly with the bases loaded and one out drove in the Captain, Derek Jeter, to make it 7-6.

    And Frank Sinatra's voice boomed over the P.A.: "Start spreading the news…"

    Again, it was a case of a manager, this time Ron Gardenhire, relying on his star, this time ace reliever Joe Nathan, just a little too long. The Yanks rallied against Nathan, and the series is now even as the series moves to the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis.

    It's bad form, naming your home field after a Democrat.


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