Good morning.

  • ABCNews.com tells us that the White House might pull and “October Surprise,” such as the capture of Osama bin Laden, and that the Democrats “are bracing for” it.

    “[S]peculation is rife among Democrats that President Bush and political mastermind Karl Rove have some tricks up their sleeves.”

    Any positive news in this last month of the election campaign, I guess, we’ll know was Rove’s doing. The Dems and their friends at ABC have planted the seed of doubt.

  • Something’s up. The New York Times is still talking about aluminum tubing “at a crucial juncture on the path to war.”

  • From Drudge, we have word that the London Daily Mail tabloid out of Britain reports that Prime Minister Tony Blair has known that he had a life-threatening heart ailment for over a year yet covered it up for political reasons. Downing street denies.

  • I will watch the Sunday shows, now, and report on them for the Rightsided Newsletter. The plan is to add bits in here as they happen.



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