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  • Yankees win! Bush wins! Of the former, there can be no doubt. Jon Lieber pitched a brilliant game and Pedro has indeed found his daddy. But the debateā€¦ Well, I can see how some could say Kerry won; however, those people needn't have watched the debate. It's a false truism, that Democrats do better on domestic issues. This topic of this debate was domestic issues, thus "Kerry did better."

    He didn't.

  • I caught this one from Dave Wissing (The Hedgehog Report).

    This Analysis of Rasmussen Presidential Polling from Free Republic is very real. Check it out, and be sure to read the comments. For me, it helps put this whole thing is perspective. (And we all should laugh now and again.)

  • Here's the Los Angeles Times reporting that Bush and Kerry were accurate, if select, in their use of statistics last night.

    And here is a Washington Post item declaring that "facts took a holiday" last night.

  • Lynne Cheney defended her daughter Mary's honor after the girl's sexuality was used by JF Kerry -- "not a good man" -- as a debate point last night. But Steven Fisher of a homosexual advocacy group argued that Kerry was speaking to the millions of adults who have gays in their families.

    He wasn't. It was, in Cheney's words, "a cheap and tawdry political trick."

  • A CNN snap poll of 511 voters showed that Kerry kicked ass, 52 to 39. I wonder what Dan Rather thought.


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