Good Morning!

  • "When you choose to be a part of the campaign, you choose to become public," said Vanessa Kerry said this morning on ABC's Good morning America. She thinks her father discussing Mary Cheney's sexuality is as fair to discuss in a debate as her being a medical student.

    (JF Kerry mentioned Ms. Cheney's sexuality as if it were a birth defect, "She was born that way." Are Vanessa's medical studies seen by her father as a birth defect also?)

  • Senator Bobby Byrd (D-West Virginia) declared that Senator Mark Dayton (D-Minnesota) was right to close his DC offices for fear of terrorist attack leading up to the election. "I commend him," Byrd, 86, said before donning his white hood and cackling about the sundry people being "uppity."

    (The part about donning the hood and cackling, of course, is a morning attempt at sarcasm.)

  • Six males in thong underwear in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania – dab in Amish Country – spent their July 9 stripping and forming a human pyramid along the roadside as President Bush's motorcade drove by. They were allegedly protesting the treatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib in Iraq. They go before a district judge on Monday, defended by the ACLU:
    "The First Amendment protects many types of speech," she [ACLU attorney Paula Knudsen] said. "What the defendants did in this case was clearly protected by the First Amendment, even though some people found it offensive."
    The First Amendment would also protect their right to done circus makeup, goofy wigs, and honking noses, one assumes.

    Free speech should not extend to lawbreaking when the law was written for purposes other than restricting such speech.

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