Good morning!

  • The Score was 11-9, but twice on Sunday morning, JF Kerry told audiences that the Red Sox had defeated the Cardinals Saturday night, 10-9. In fact, the score was never 10-9: it was 9-8 St. Louis before Mark Bellhorn's two-run shot in the 8th. Mike McCurry said the beaming Kerry had received "bad intelligence" the night before. They also seem to have forgotten to touch-up his clown makeup.

  • Indignantly, the New York Times huffs that Republicans are blaming Democrats for ransacking their campaign offices around the country. "Outrageous!" cried Denise Mitchell of the AFL-CIO. If not the Dems and their thugee union henchmen, who is pillaging BC04 HQs in a manner reminiscent of Genghis Kahn"

  • Tuesday's Reuters/Zogby three-day puts the President up by three; however, it also has him moving closer to the 50-percent marker, at 49-46-percent. The calculus for this particular 3-day was a little different, in that it moved the "leaning toward" voters into the "definite" totals. Kerry leads in blacks and union thugs, while the President leads with women, youths, and seniors.


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