Good morning!

  • No movement in the Reuters/Zogby 3-day national tracking poll. As 't was yesterday, the President and JF Kerry are said to be tied at 45-percent with a margin of error of +/- 2.9-percent. There are 51% who say they want someone new with only 45% supporting JF. Kerry is not going to close the gap by reciting an old letter from General Ricardo Sanchez asking for more supplies when he subsequently voted against giving Sanchez those supplies in a nuanced move.

  • The Washington Post national poll shows the Prez leading 50-47-1 amongst likely voters. It's one point among registered voters, and I don't much care for the likely-registered dichotomy this season. Nor to national polls mean a whit right now. Why do we talk about them? Probably because we've been discussing them all year, not that I cared for them then, either.

  • The Miami Herald runs a piece this morning about the Hip Hop vote, the drive to get out which is led by rap mogul Russell Simmons. They like it to MTV's Rock the Vote in 1992, which they credit for electing Clinton, but:
    Simmons said that it's actually the Republicans, particularly party chairman Ed Gillespie, who have been most responsive to the HSAN drive. An aide interrupted Simmons to say that President Bush had just contacted Simmons' office and was hoping to join the bus at some point. But HSAN [Hip Hop Summit Action Network] President Dr. Ben Chavis [Minister Benjamin Muhammad] later denied that, and said any such direct involvement by a party would be illegal for the nonpartisan group.
    The Minister Benjamin Muhammad, formerly "Ben Chavis," is the ousted chairman of the NAACP, so there's not much love there.

  • A New York Times/CBS poll of registered voters shows the two candidates knotted at 46-percent, but it also puts the President's job-approval rating at 46-percent. It also found that over half of those surveyed found JF Kerry to be a "liberal" and "an untrustworthy politician who will say what he thinks people want to hear."

  • The Red Sox beat the Yankees last night in 14-innings. They're prolonging their now-slow demise.


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