Good morning!

  • The New York Daily News editorializes this morning:
    Despite Kerry's angel-faced sanctimony, this was a piece of premeditated gay-baiting (John Edwards used the same gambit in his debate with Cheney) whose transparent purpose was to keep some of the GOP's evangelical voters from turning out on Nov. 2. This was a miscalculation.
    I don't think that's what Kerry was trying to do – at least I hope his people aren't that clueless – but it was gay-baiting.

  • Independent examiners rooting through musty arrives have found more than two dozen pieces of paper from President Bush's National Guard record. Lieutenant Colonel John Stanford explained: "These boxes are full of dirt and rat (excrement) and dead bugs. They have never been sitting in an uncontrolled climate," but some in the media insist this is an embarrassment to Bush and the Texas Guard. They know where Kerry's records are, the candidate won't release them, but they don't care.

  • Last night's playoff game was not for anybody but the Yankee fan, and even to me, it became almost grotesque. Matsui had two homers, as did both Sheffield and A-Rod. What began as a sort of pitcher's anti-duel, with both teams scoring at will in the first 3 innings, turned into what I could describe only as total offensive annihilation.

    To draw a parallel, this campaign has gone back and forth so far with neither candidate establishing an untouchable lead, if any at all. If President Bush wins the Electoral College by over 100 votes, we have a huge victory for the Bush camp. That would be politically similar to last night's crushing of the Boston Red Sox. And we could forget about Kerry like I soon will forget about the Red Sox.


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