Good morning!
  • The latest Reuters/Zogby has the race tied again nationally, 45-percent to 45, after the President had opened a 4 point lead in the previous. That's your Zogby three-day tracking poll.

  • The latest Rasmussen has Tom Daschle and John Thune tied at 49-percent in South Dakota. This is understandable for a sitting Senate minority leader since Daschle has also become a sort of national symbol for all that's wrong with a narrowly divided Senate. That plays well for Thune in a State where they don't much care for JF Kerry and the national Dems.

  • The Washington Post reports that JF Kerry is becoming almost evangelical in his discussion of his religion. I suppose he's spreading the word about his non-existent Pope Piux XXIII and the glories of the destruction of the unborn. Pathetic. How can we respect a man who uses something so powerful as one's religious faith as a political tool?

  • Last night, after we had turned off the TV and succumbed to our somnolence, Boston's David Ortiz smacked a 12th inning home run off Paul Quantrill to give the Red Sox Nation something about which to cheer. It will tide them over until next season.


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