Good morning!

  • JF Kerry says he probably won't drop in on the Red Sox next week at Fenway. When asked if he'd stop in to see them at the opposing venue is St. Louis, Swing State, Kerry chortled: "Are you kidding? For the next 10 days, I’m not going to a place named ‘Busch’ Stadium."

    Get it? Busch Stadium/President Bush. As my wife deadpans when I mention such things: "That's funny."

  • I'll cover the Sunday morning shows for the Rightsided Newsletter, of course, which means I'll get to see Bob Shrum, Terence McAuliffe, Joe Lockhart, and Tad Devine in one morning. You can read about it.

  • The surprise of the morning cannot be that the Washington Post has endorsed JF Kerry. We could have mailed that one in last year, even before JF won his party's nomination. They'd have endorsed Howard Dean, Dennis Kucinich, and maybe even Wes Clark. But in a charming attempt to appear objective, the paper's endorsement is not as ringing as one might have expected: "We do not view a vote for Mr. Kerry as a vote without risks," but they KNOW Bush is a lunatic.

  • No word yet on when the Washington Times will make known tomorrow's banner dealing with JF Kerry, foreign policy, and his honesty. Will Kerry be able to escape unscathed by hollering "Karl Rove!" and "Halliburton!" a few times fast?


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