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  • The French wire AFP tells us that the US embassy in Qatar tried to stop al Jazeera from airing the latest bin Laden vid, arguing that "we don't think they should give a platform to terrorists like this who call for the killing of innocents."

    That is what al Jazeera exists to be.

    Take the French report with a grain of salt.

  • The New York Times tells us that "[r]umors of a secret plan to reinstate the draft are churning across the Internet." Well, we know where they're hanging out online. It smells like home, though they probably ought to call Roto-Rooter,

  • The Washing Post tells us of "scores of American expatriates" who have decided to take time off their foreign jobs to come home to campaign. For JF Kerry.

    One girl explains that overseas, "there really is a feeling that people think the U.S. has lost its mind." It's what they're fed. And if we add those who worry what Europe is thinking to those in the A.B.B. camp for other reasons, there's not a lot of pro-Kerry sentiment out there. But we knew that.

    Many people tend to slide into the mold fashioned for them by the prevailing press, and the foreign press has molded these particular expats well.


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