• By creating the "Democrat Dream Team" with North Carolina Senator John Edwards, did JF Kerry put the south back into play, as some expected? According to the latest Rasmussen Reports poll, the Bush/Cheney leads Kerry/Edwards, 54%-42%, in Edwards's home State of North Carolina. I'm certain Kerry blames Edwards, who is not terribly popular at home, but it is not JE who is the dud in the race.

  • Bob Novak remembers the Veep debate in 1976:
    Walter Mears of the Associated Press asked Dole whether his 1974 criticism of President Gerald Ford, while running for a second Senate term from Kansas, for pardoning Richard Nixon might be appropriate in 1976 when Ford was running for president.

    Obviously exasperated, Dole retorted that it was not "a very good issue any more than the war in Vietnam would be or World War II or World War I or the war in Korea, all Democratic wars, all in this century. I figured out if we added up the killed and wounded in the Democrat wars in this century, it would be about 1.6 million Americans, enough to fill the city of Detroit."
    It was an insipid question and an answer which today's press would not tolerate despite its veracity.

  • And in preparation for tonight's veep debate, people from around the country are descending on Cleveland to make arses of themselves. Part of me would like to believe that a young John Kerry would have been with them, sneering and tossing his medals.


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