Political Annotations

  • The House of Representatives is set to vote on New York Democrat Representative Charlie Rangel's bill, H.R. 163, to reinstate the draft. Rangel's co-sponsors include Representatives Pete Stark, Jim McDermott, John Lewis, Neil Abercombie, and John Conyers -- Democrats all.

    Republicans plan to quash the Democrat bill, just weeks after Dan Rather "reported" (his version thereof) that President Bush wanted begin anew the draft.

  • At this evening's debate in Cleveland, the candidates will be seated, something which plays to the Vice President's strengths. John Edwards would have preferred standing and walking around, as if addressing a jury.

    And I've the ultimate Edwards pre-debate quote. He told a rally in Parma, Ohio, today: "When I walk into that debate tonight and I sit down, I am there for you."

  • JF Kerry and Mama T disagree about whether an October capture of Osama bin Laden would be politically motivated. Mama T has said that she would not be surprised OBL were snatched in October as an election trick.
    He [Kerry] momentarily confused the man blamed for the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks with deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, saying: "I have said again and again that even if Saddam Hussein is captured or killed in the next instant, it won't change my view about how I can run a more effective war on terror or how I can make America safer."

    Correcting himself, Kerry said: "Osama bin Laden should have been the complete focus of our effort in the war on terror." He said his wife was "cautioning people against the possibility" that a capture could be politically motivated, not saying it would be.
    He ought to quit trying to spin his wife. She said: "I wouldn't be surprised if he appeared in the next month." The political motivation was inferred.



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