The Original "Vote or Die"

Sean "Puff Daddy" Comes, or P Diddy, is doing his "Vote or Die" thaang Tuesday at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio.

I bring this up only because "Vote or Die" is not a slogan that initiated with Comes or P. Diddy or whatever. It originated with a Comedy Central skit for their coverage of the 1992 Republican National Convention.

This memory is a dozen years old.

It opened in a classroom, with a civics teacher and some rebellious students. He was teaching the kids about voting. The first one said, "It sucks." The second said, "It blows." The third added, "It bites." The teacher introduces Norm Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute. Norm's wearing a leather jacket, and he talks to the kids about voting.

The first kid said, "It sucks." The second said, "It blows." The third said, "The American Enterprise Institute bites."

I cannot recall how it transpired, but the third kid leaves. Ornstein follows him outside, call his name, then tosses the kid his keys. Very dramatic, like passing the torch to a new generation of voters.

"Vote or die." It was a send-up of MTV's fledgling "Choose or Lose."

In 1996, we did a "Vote or Die" with the old Prodigy Comedy Connection. We got the name from the skit described above.

As clever and creative as Puffy[*] has been, this one is not his.

[*] - Whatever.



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